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“Rose is a yoga teacher who radiates integrity, compassion, and humility. She creates a truly safe class environment where all are welcome. Her teaching is clear, filled with wisdom, and always respectful of where her students are at. I leave her class feeling joyful, grounded, connected, and ready to face the week.”

S. L.

“Every week, I look forward to Rose's class. The way she teaches is so special. Her instructions are very clear, allowing you to work down to the tiny little muscles you never think about. The classes always have variety while maintaining an overarching theme. Her presence is calm and reassuring. She allows you to feel so comfortable. Being there for extra instructions but also giving you room to just be. She also gives the best head massages! Rose's class is the bright light in my day.”

G. E.

"Rose has the sweetest voice and is the gentlest soul. Her classes welcome all levels and often involve an element of self care. You will build heat in Rose's classes, experience a deeper understanding of the poses with her clear cuing and unique lesson plans, and of course have fun! I always left Rose's classes feeling energized, empowered and nourished.”

M. O.

“Rose has been teaching at the University for many years and continues to have the highest attendance numbers of all our yoga classes from term to term.  Her intuitive ability to offer her students a class that seems “made just for them” is unique and her calm voice and authentically caring energy comes through in both obvious and subtle ways.    Rose also continues to grow in her own teaching journey and practice, often attending new workshops and retreats which keeps her classes fresh, and both energizing and relaxing.  A class with Rose is like short retreat of its own and I look forward to it every week!”

P. C.

“Rose's mindful yoga classes have given me new insight and understanding as to how my body moves, and how it should move. To slow down each movement, to isolate various muscles, to realize where they are initiated in the core: this is critical information that can help repair the body and build better habits for everyday activity. Rose is a very good instructor, and is so attentive to the individual needs of her students.”

M. H.

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