I am currently the only Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator in Calgary, AB

I am proud to bring the official Parent Class to expecting parents in the city!


When midwife Gail Tully created this unique approach to birth, she created a true paradigm shift in the birth world. Putting physiological release before mechanical manipulation or force, she has brought forward a rich collection of body-centered tools, both for parents and providers. 

Through pregnancy activities for more comfort and natural labour strategies to ease birth, we gently restore the mother's body balance and make space for the baby to find a more optimal position. 

These techniques can be used in any birth setting, childbirth program, or pain management plan.

What is Spinning Babies®?

Spinning Babies® for Parents

The Spinning Babies® created a class specifically for you, expecting parents, to teach the body-balancing techniques for Comfort in Pregnancy and Ease in Birth.

The class offers activities and gentle release techniques for pregnancy and labour to restore the pregnant body's balance and optimize your baby's position in preparation for birth.

It reveals the important relationship between your body and your baby and how, together with your birth partner, you can use natural, physiological solutions before and during labor to make more space for your baby, support labour progress and experience an easier, shorter birth.

Topics covered:

-  Birth anatomy of the pelvis and uterus

-  Daily activities for pregnancy comfort

-  The Three Sisters of Balance(SM) performed with your partner to balance your body, optimize your baby's position and prepare for birth

-  Fetal positioning and why it is not random!

-  Labour pattern variations

-  Labour techniques and positions to open the three levels of the pelvis, help baby move through more easily and facilitate progress during birth

Included Class Handouts Material:

-  Spinning Babies Parent Companion E-Book

-  Three Sister of Balance Handout

Fetal Compass Rose Handout

-  "Daily Pregnancy Activity Guide by Week" Handout

-  Daily Essentials Checklist

-  Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises Handout

-  Birth Collaboration with Spinning Babies

-  Kick Chart

-  Labour Checklist

This class is appropriate during second or third trimester. It can be taken as early as 20 weeks.

The class is an excellent complement to any childbirth education course and the techniques learned can be used in any birth setting, childbirth program, or pain management plan.

For more information on the Spinning Babies approach, visit:


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Where can I take the Parent Class?

  • Online Guided Private Class 

Online Guided Parent Class is a more accessible and flexible option.


  • Parent Class Video Download to learn about the approach and the partner techniques (value CAD $38)

  • Parent Class Handouts Material

  • One Virtual Session with me to answer any questions and help you find more comfort and confidence with the partner techniques (value $60/hour)

  • Email Support & Follow-Up available



  • Free Daily Essentials Video Download (value CAD $24)

Investment: $75

  • In-Person Private Class

In-Person Private Parent Class is available for centrally located Calgary residents. The class is held at your home and can be booked at your convenience during weekdays or weekends.



  • In-Person Parent Class at your home

  • In-Person Practice of the partner techniques and hands-on adjustments available

  • Parent Class Handouts Material

  • Email Support & Follow Up available


  • FREE Daily Essentials Video Download (value CAD $24)

Investment: $175

  • In-Person Group Class


All in-person private classes cancelled until further notice.


Group Parent Classes are held seasonally in downtown Calgary. The class keeps a maximum of 3 couples to ensure plenty of practice time and hands-on adjustments. Upcoming dates and location TBA


  • In-Person Parent Class in a studio

  • In-Person Practice of the partner techniques and hands-on adjustments available

  • Parent Class Handouts Material

Investment: $150/couple


"We really enjoyed this class. This is what we were looking for from a prenatal type of class for the second time around, to feel more prepared and have some tools for mostly labour but also the last weeks of pregnancy. Rose did such a fantastic job of teaching this class.Everything was well explained and demonstrated. We feel more confident after this class with trying out the suggested pregnancy and labour techniques. She allowed for questions and gave detailed answers. Her calm and positive presence is a great addition to her class. Would highly recommend this to others."


"The class was recommended to me by my chiropractor. I'm glad I took it. The information was fantastic."


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