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Why would you need postpartum support?

Sometimes referred to as the fourth trimester, the first few weeks and months after birth is a time of great intensity and adjustments. As you and your family transition into a new reality, sufficient support around food, house chores and self-care practices can provide a potent opportunity for rest, recovery, connection and ritual. A precious investment for your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your family. 


  • Complimentary Prenatal Meeting  (for new clients) | one meeting to determine your needs and create a postpartum plan. 

  • ​In-house Postpartum Support | visits of 2 hours minimum to support you and your family during the postpartum time and help ease the transition into your new reality. 
    These sessions include:

    • Simple nourishing food preparation based on your dietary preferences​ (warming soups, stews, snacks and warming drinks...)

    • Light house chores (laundry, dishes, light cleaning...)

    • Guidance around self-care practices (postpartum bath, breath work, guided relaxation, postnatal yoga & movement...)

    • Assistance around baby feeding and baby care

    • Support for your partner and family 

    • Calming and relaxing environment

    • Compassionate, caring and grounded presence

  • Email/Text/Phone Support | available for you if you have any questions or concerns. 


 * service offered only in Calgary Inner-City


  • $30/hour (minimum of two hours per visit)

  • 15 hours of support : $425 ($25 off)

  • 20 hours of support : $550 ($50 off)


"[...] The postpartum visits made me feel like I was on vacation. I never had to leave my bed and got to enjoy extra special moments with my daughter knowing our house and meals were taken care of that day.  Rose, is a fantastic doula and I would recommend her to anyone!"

Tiana D.

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