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Sacred Gentleness

image: Rose-Marie Theriault

It has taken me so many years to understand what I value the most in my practice, in my work and in my life. Perhaps a way to describe what I do and how I do it...

After years of teaching, guiding and supporting (10 years this year!), I have come to realize that I have always been drawn to simplicity. A way for me to approach things with more purpose and intention. This love for simplicity always leads me back to the sacredness of gentleness.

What if gentle could be deeper...

What if gentle could be much more valuable...

What if gentle could be just what we need the most...

I truly believe that gentleness is the most powerful gateway into the wisdom and intelligence held in our body. That if we slow down enough, (re)connect and give ourselves permission to feel deeply, our body softens, opens up and speaks to us in the most ancient, native tongue... contact is made, and this is where the magic happens!

So, what if we could give ourselves some time and space to make contact with ourselves in the most gentle of ways... with care and compassion, as if tending to a loved one.

Embrace the gentleness!

Open up to the great mystery!

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