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Birthing with Ease: Prepare your Body with Spinning Babies®

Birth can be challenging... But birth can also be smooth, easy and beautiful! When we look at birth through a physiological lense, we start to understand that many common labour challenges can be solved naturally with body-balancing solutions. By creating balance and relaxation in the mother's body, we help baby find more space through the pelvis during the labouring process. This is the brilliant gift that Spinning Babies® approach offers us!

But perhaps the most exciting part of this approach is that instead of addressing body-balancing issues when they present themselves in labour, we can start this process much earlier on, and begin to prepare the body DURING pregnancy! Getting a head start so that you can step into your birth with more ease and optimal baby positioning.

The Spinning Babies Parent Class offers expecting parents the knowledge, understanding and practice of a simple, gentle balancing routine they can do at home to prepare the pregnant mother's body for birth. By creating balance in the pelvis and uterus, you help baby find a more optimal position. These activities and techniques will bring more comfort in your pregnancy, and more ease later in birth. Plus, bounding with baby and partner guaranteed! The Spinning Babies® Parent Class offers you all the information you need to bring these techniques home safely and confidently, and most importantly, to understand the "WHY" behind them. You will dive into the anatomy and physiology of birth and learn how balance, gravity and movement can help you and baby have a smoother, easier experience through labour. Give your partner an active role in the process of helping you prepare for and navigate through birth. Try it in any birth setting, childbirth program, or pain management plan. To learn more about my Spinning Babies Parent Classes, click here

And to learn more about the Spinning Babies approach, visit the official website

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