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Mindful Pause Series: Time in Nature

The Mindful Pause series aims at offering you simple tools to help you slow things down, connect to yourself again, reset and recharge... Treat it as a mini-retreat during your day, whenever you feel the need to press pause.

photo: Rose-Marie Theriault


If you live in an urban environment like me, chances are that your time spent in nature is often very limited. Although I am always blown away by the resilient fauna and flora miraculously infiltrating the concrete jungle of the city, nothing feels as clearing, refreshing and nourishing as a simple walk immersed in nature.

Those of us living in Calgary are so fortunate to have such easy access to green spaces or to the river side. Even small neighborhood parks or our own backyard give us a chance to connect again to our true birthplace, the Mama Earth. For me, walking alone, in silence and taking in the spaciousness of my favorite park's landscape seems to be the best medicine to soothe my body, heart and spirit. In awe, I contemplate the textures, colours and shapes from the natural world, fascinated by its designs and I am reminded of the rhythms and cycles that govern each living being...

"Nature never hurries yet everything is accomplished" ~ Lao Tzu

Here is my invitation to all of us this year; let's give ourselves (yes, a gift to ourselves!) at least 20 minutes of time in nature daily. It might be challenging but I am convinced that it will serve us in the highest of ways. Let's reclaim our connection to the natural world. That is where we truly belong after all!

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