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Mindful Pause Series: Open Your Senses

The Mindful Pause series aims at offering you simple tools to help you slow things down, connect to yourself again, reset and recharge... Treat it as a mini-retreat during your day, whenever you feel the need to press pause.

photo: Rose-Marie Theriault


A simple, yet effective practice to slow down and ground yourself, at any given moment. Whenever you can, take a minute to come back to your senses... look around you - close and far, smell, listen, sense your skin, taste. Immerse yourself in your surrounding, just for a moment and become aware of the natural world around you. Then, take a deep breath and bow to your own experience, no matter what it is. Give thanks and carry own!

"I ask for nothing, I only give thanks.

Then, in gratitude and humility, I enter the journey of each day." ~ Richard Wagamese

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