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Mindful Pause Series: Legs Up The Wall

The Mindful Pause series aims at offering you simple tools to help you slow things down, connect to yourself again, reset and recharge... Treat it as a mini-retreat during your day, whenever you feel the need to press pause.


This week's Mindful Pause is my ultimate go-to at the end of a long day, after a walk or a hike or mid-way through the day when I need to balance me energy levels... A wonderful way to feel calmer and refreshed!

Bring yourself to a wall, roll on your back and rest of legs up on the wall. Alternatively, you could rest your legs on a chair or couch. A blanket or small pillow can be added under your head for comfort. Close your eyes and let your body soften and sink onto the support of the floor.

Stay 3, 5, 10 minutes or more! Spend some time curled over on your side before coming up to seated to ease your transition out of the posture.

* It is not usually recommended to lay flat on your back during pregnancy. However, resting your legs up can be extremely helpful if  you are feeling heavy or swollen in the legs. This posture can be modified in different ways... contact me to learn how to adapt it to your pregnant body.

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