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Mindful Pause Series: Energy Savior

The Mindful Pause series aims at offering you simple tools to help you slow things down, connect to yourself again, reset and recharge... Treat it as a mini-retreat during your day, whenever you feel the need to press pause.


One of the best reset buttons I know, this restorative posture is a brilliant way to rest and restore, at anytime of the day (or night!). I'll often use it in the afternoon, after a long walk or a long stretch spent in the kitchen. 

This video by Lizzie Lasater walks you though the what and how of setting yourself up well. She calls the posture "Instant Maui" which I love! 

If you are pregnant, you may decide to skip to lift under your pelvis and keep your hips on the ground. If being flat on your back feel uncomfortable or makes it difficult to breathe, simply add a few cushions under your head and upper in order to create an inclination. 

If you are postpartum, this should be a real savior for your energy levels, as well as for your pelvic floor health! 

Give it a try, and let me know how it feels!

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