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Fetal Positioning: Not So Random!

Did you know that a baby's position in the womb can point us towards possible imbalances in the mother's body? It can also highlight some potential challenges that might present themselves during labour and birth. There are many different positions that a baby can settle into during pregnancy, with variations going beyond whether the head is up or down. These positions are not random, but rather, reflect the space available in the uterus. By creating balance in the mother's body, especially by addressing any tightness or torsion in the soft tissues of the pelvis and uterus (think muscles, ligaments and fascia), baby can then enjoy the full space available again and settle head down. Beyond that, because the uterus has a curvier side on the left and a straighter side on the right, baby's back will often curl and rest on the left side of the mother's belly when balance is achieved. What Spinning Babies® teaches us is that a baby who is head down with her back curled up and resting on the left side of the mother's belly will have a better chance of tucking her chin which makes the diameter of her head smaller. This often leads to an easier engagement of baby's head into the pelvis, allowing for labour to start spontaneously and progress smoothly. So what if your baby's back is resting on the right side? Or what if baby is head up or lying transverse? Well, in this case, we start with BALANCE! Through daily activities and body-balancing techniques done with your partner (and sometimes with the help of professional bodywork) a baby will often find a more optimal position for birth. And of course, this focus on "where is baby?" doesn't stop at the onset of labour. Through labour and birth, we can continue to take clues from baby's position and station to help us find natural, physiological solutions to make more space for baby and ease the process of moving through the pelvis and be born. Learn about the how you can help baby find a more optimal position with balancing activities and techniques in my Spinning Babies Parent Classes

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