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Preparation | Guidance | Support


What is a doula?

"a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother [and their partner] before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible."  (DONA International)

* * *

As a birth doula, I am truly honoured to guide and support women and their families before, during and after birth. Through movement, breath, mindfulness and physiological knowledge, I help you create a more grounded, sacred and embodied experience.

Whether you plan to give birth at home, at the hospital or the birth centre, let me work with you!

If you are considering adding a doula to your birth team, contact me and I will be happy to schedule a meet & greet session to chat more about my services with you and your partner.


*this service is currently unavailable 


  • Meet & Greet Session | a complimentary meeting over coffee or tea to tell you more about me and what I offer. 

  • Prenatal Visits | 2 sessions to serve your needs in preparation for the birth. Explore your options and learn tools to help you and your partner feel confident, informed and prepared. This includes the Spinning Babies® Parent Class material (value of $175).

  • Access to Lending Library | a variety of books and videos on pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

  • Email/Text/Phone Support | available for you if you have any questions or concerns.

  • On Call Period | 24/7 on call period for the birth 2 weeks before estimated due date and up to 2 weeks after.

  • Labor and Delivery Support | guidance, emotional and physical support during labor and birth. 

  • Immediate Postnatal Support | assistance and support during the first hour or two after the birth.

  • Postpartum Visit | 1 session to support you and your family during the postpartum time and help ease the transition into your new reality. This session may include simple chores, simple food preparation and guidance around self-care practices (postpartum bath, postnatal yoga & movement, etc...). An extra pair of hands to help you!

INVESTMENT:  $1050   

* $300 deposit required to book me when contract is signed. Balance due by 37 weeks of pregnancy.

* service offered to centrally located Calgary residents only 

* payment plans available upon request

* this package can be customized upon request

* returning doula clients benefit from a reduced fee and can customize their support



  • Online Guided Spinning Babies® Parent Class (value of $75)

    • Parent Class Video Download

    • Daily Essentials Video Download

    • Parent Class Handouts Material

    • One Virtual Session with me to practice the partner techniques

  • Virtual Prenatal Session (value of $120)

    • Birth Options & Preferences

    • Comfort Measures & Labour Support Practice

    • Doula Tips for Partners

    • Birth Mindset Exercise

    • Labour Support Handouts

    • Email Support & Follow Up


"I could not be happier with our experience with Rose as our birth doula. After a traumatic birth experience that ended in an emergency section with our first child, I was hoping for a much more positive experience with the birth of our second child. I met Rose through attending her prenatal yoga classes and immediately loved her positive energy and how comfortable I felt around her. Rose helped me and my husband feel confident and prepared as my due date approached. Her unwavering physical and emotional support was incredibly helpful throughout the labour. Her calming presence allowed me to feel strong and safe during contractions and helped me to keep my focus throughout. I truly believe that her suggestions for position changes during the labour allowed our baby to descend into an ideal position for a smooth and uncomplicated birth. With Rose's support, I was able to have an unmedicated VBAC that left me feeling incredibly strong and empowered. We cannot thank Rose enough for helping us through such an incredible life changing experience"

P. H.

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