Let me help you prepare for the birth of your baby. Learn practical tools and techniques to support your pregnancy and ease labour!

*please note that my birth doula services are currently unavailable.

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In-Person & Online




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"I was determined to have an all natural birth with my second daughter, and I couldn't have done it without Rose.  Our meetings before helped us realize what was important during delivery.  During my labor, Rose helped me feel confident. She gave my husband and me helpful suggestions for coping.   We felt so comfortable sharing our daughters birth with her and were so happy that she was there to help us through every moment!  The postpartum visits made me feel like I was on vacation. I never had to leave my bed and got to enjoy extra special moments with my daughter knowing our house and meals were taken care of that day.  Rose, is a fantastic doula and I would recommend her to anyone!"

T. D.

"I could not be happier with our experience with Rose as our birth doula. After a traumatic birth experience that ended in an emergency section with our first child, I was hoping for a much more positive experience with the birth of our second child. I met Rose through attending her prenatal yoga classes and immediately loved her positive energy and how comfortable I felt around her. Rose helped me and my husband feel confident and prepared as my due date approached. Her unwavering physical and emotional support was incredibly helpful throughout the labour. Her calming presence allowed me to feel strong and safe during contractions and helped me to keep my focus throughout. I truly believe that her suggestions for position changes during the labour allowed our baby to descend into an ideal position for a smooth and uncomplicated birth. With Rose's support, I was able to have an unmedicated VBAC that left me feeling incredibly strong and empowered. We cannot thank Rose enough for helping us through such an incredible life changing experience"

P. H.