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The practice of movement has been at the core of my life since an early age. Through countless years of dance, I have studied pilates, gyrokinesis and other somatic movement approaches. And then came yoga… and although it took me a few years to truly grasp the depth of this practice, somehow I kept finding myself coming back to it, again and again. What I found in yoga was the compassion I had been longing for, for myself, my body and for this journey of life. 

Since 2010, teaching has become for me a great and humbling path of service and connectivity. My classes are rooted in mindfulness and sustainability, designed with intention to offer an embodied experience of self-care and inquiry. In my practice, I keep falling deeply in love with the subtle. I keep finding anchor and sacredness in the details and nuances, reminding me always, of the beauty of simplicity within this complex experience of life. 

As a birth doula, I am truly honoured to guide and support women and their families through this incredible journey of birth. Through movement, breath, partner work and mindfulness, I hold space and help create a grounded, sacred and embodied experience.


In 2019, I became a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, the very first in Calgary, AB. I am thrilled to bring this unique approach to pregnancy and childbirth to expectant parents through the Spinning Babies® Parent Class.

I deeply bow to the people who have influenced me with heart, wisdom and vulnerability. 




2019  |  Pre/Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification - online *in-progress* | Bellies Inc.

2019  |  Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Training | Toronto

2019  |  MovNat Level 1 | Calgary

2019  |  Spinning Babies® Workshop | Calgary

2017  |  Fundamentals of Buddhist Meditation Course - online | Michael Stone

2016  |  DONA Birth Doula Training | Doula Essentials, Calgary

2015  |  100hrs Modern Teacher Training | The Yoga Lounge, Canmore

2014  |  85hrs Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training | Mamata Yoga, Calgary

2013  |  75hrs Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program | Alice Hong, Calgary

2012  |  200hrs Registered Yoga Teacher Training | Salt Spring Centre of Yoga

2010  |  Mat Pilates Certification | Jennifer Horvath, Montreal

2008  |  3-year Professional Dance Certificate | The School of Toronto Dance Theatre

2005  |  3-year Pre-Professional Dance Certificate | Ballet Divertimento, Montreal